DINNER Menu : Appetizers

Chicken Sate
Grilled marinated chicken on a skewer, served with peanut sauce
and cucumber salad

Dim Sim
Steamed ravioll stuffed with shrimp, fresh crabmeat
and herbs, served with house dipping sauce

Mee Krob
Thai-style fried noodles with house sweet tamarind sauce,
topped with chopped pan fried egg and shrimps

Crabmeat Pancake
Fried stuffed crabmeat and taro, served with avocado-mango
salsa and sweet peach sauce

Golden Curry Puff
Baked puff pastry stuffed with ground chicken, sweet potato,
carrot, red onion and curry powder

Thai Spring Rolls
Fried spring rolls, stuffed with glass noodle and vegetables,
served with sweet peach sauce

Fried Thai Tofu
Fried soft tofu, served with  sweet peach sauce and ground peanut

Rare Tuna Spring Rolls
Fried spring rolls stuffed with rare tuna, served with seaweed
salad and house dipping sauce

Fresh Rolls
Shrimp, vegetables and spaghetti wrapped in rice paper, served
with sweet brown sauce and ground peanut

Pan-Steamed Mussels
With lemon grass, garlic, shallot, red bell pepper, lime leaves and Thai basil

Thai Cold Noodles*
Mama egg noodles tossed with mixed seafood, lime juice, lemon grass,
red onion and spicy Thai condiments

Splash Samplers
Combination appetizers of chicken Sate, mee krob, Thai spring rolls
and golden curry puff

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